ATC Safety Program

Press Release | July 17, 2021

Due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19, and in order to protect the players and citizens of Los Cabos, the Abierto de Tenis Mifel created a security program which will be responsible for planning and operating all security measures and protocols to guarantee and safeguard the health of all players and staff in the tournament.

The ATC SAFETY PROGRAM will follow all of the local authorities’ pandemic guidelines as well as the security measures required by the ATP.

Players and ATP staff must remain inside a designated area created by the tournament called “Green Zone” whenever they are at the hotel and at the Tournament’s facilities, this will ensure total isolation for the players and staff.

All those who will be in the “Green Zone” must do an antigen test when arriving at the hotel and must present the negative result in order to be accepted by the Tournament. In addition, they must realize an antigen test with a period of two days in between each test.

All the tournament’s personnel, suppliers, and sponsors must also take an antigen test and have a negative result in order to be accepted in the Tournament. In addition, they must realice antigen tests with a period of two days in between each test.

In order to reduce the risk of exposure due to COVID-19, a color coding was created to identify all staff.

It will be mandatory that all staff, players, and supporters must comply with the general protocols specified in the program.

  • Mandatory use of facemasks
  • Social distance of 1.5 mts
  • Constant and obsessive use of antibacterial
  • Body sanitization before entering offices
  • Do not kiss or hug others
  • Appropriate etiquette when sneezing
  • Report to the Quarantine area if there is any COVID symptoms or suspicions

Due to the pandemic, and as part of the ATC Safety guidelines, the tournament will not have any type of media in-person, these may be acredited virtually