The Abierto de Tenis Mifel 2021 exceeds all expectations

Press Release | July 24, 2021
  • The fifth edition premiered the new Cabo Sports Complex (CSC) venue
  • The ATC Safety Program was successful
  • On the sports side, Los Cabos will have a new champion
  • The next edition will take place on August 1st through the 6th, 2022

After a week of high-level tennis and with an organization that is always looking for the highest quality standards, the Abierto de Tenis Mifel 2021 comes to an end after successfully overcoming the challenges involved in hosting this ATP 250 tournament.

The director of the tournament, José Antonio Fernández, spoke about what it meant to hold this top-level sporting event in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur. This particular edition will be remembered for the challenges it lived, such as the premiere of the new venue, the Covid-19 pandemic, the absence of fans and direct competition with other tournaments around the world.

“It has been hours, months and two years of work by the entire staff with a new format in which we not only adapt to the pandemic with an event without an audience, but also to a new house to which we had to understand the new operation. This venue came to stay,” he said.

With the satisfaction that the comments have been very positive about the new venue, and with the firm conviction to continue working to finish detailing the venue, the Tournament Director explained the concept and the projection that Cabo Sports Complex (CSC) will have.

“We’ve had great feedback from players, media and the ATP about our new home. This year we used the Grandstand as our stadium, but next year we will build a stadium with a capacity of 3,500 people and the entire commercial area with sponsors,” he explained.

“It is an incredible place surrounded by a great architecture, landscapes, lighting and all the detail that was created around this large venue that has given very positive results. It is a great satisfaction to finish the tournament and work in a wonderful place,” Fernández added.

On the sports side, the fifth edition of this tournament, held in Los Cabos, offered high-level tennis and great surprises during the competition, regardless that the event was at the same time as other important competitions.

“The players had four options to choose from: Olympic Games, Umag, Gstaad and Los Cabos. It was difficult to think of important players, but our list of players was very good because it mixed the youth, the experience and there were two former tournament champions. We saw good level of tennis and that always characterizes this tournament,” said the Tournament Director.

During the week emerged the possibility that Los Cabos will have a new champion between Cameron Norrie (GBR) and Brandon Nakashima (USA), for the tournament as for the ATP tour.

In another important news regarding the health emergency, the Abierto de Tenis Mifel 2021 activated the ATC Safety Program in order to have the tournament in viable conditions following the various protocols established such as the use of facemasks, constant antibacterial gel application, sanitization of all areas, constant antigen testing and social distancing, among others.

“The event came at a complicated time because of the third outbreak of the pandemic that is not only in Mexico, but globally, so we strengthen the ATC Safety Program. We have done more than 4,000 antigen tests on all ATP employees, and staff, with practically no cases”.

José Antonio Fernández thanked the sponsors on the event, led by Mifel, for their support and trust, as well as the Government of Baja California Sur, the Ministry of Health and the local City Council for the realization of this contest that reached 79 countries around the five continents.

The Abierto de Tenis Mifel will continue with the intention of establishing itself as one of the best tournaments in the ATP 250 category for the next editions. Next year, the tournament will take place on August 1-6, 2022.