btomic amc16

btomic amc16

When he was a little boy, Bernard Tomic was very talented for sports like, rugby, football and basketball. But the discipline and commitment required to play an individual sport made him dedicate himself to tennis; now, thanks to his hard work he ranks amongst the top 20 in the ATP World Tour Rankings.

“I love the football, basketball, all the sports when I was young. In all of this sports you would have to play like a team, I really love them, but in tennis play you will have to play like a single and all the results depends of me”, said.

23 years old Tomic has already been on tour for 8 years. He is certain that, both, his father and him influenced in a positive way his sister, Sara, who is now following Bernard’s steps into tennis.

“She is a very good player. She is younger and she likes to play tennis and right now my father help her like a coach. She has a lot of dreams in tennis an she would like to be the most important player in the world. She wants to think much about the future and in her personal goals.”

Over the past few months, Lleyton Hewitt, former number 1 in the world, lead, as captain, the Australian Davis Cup Team. Bernard assured this gave the team a little “extra” due to the experience and great level Hewitt showed over his succesfull career in tennis.

“When I was a little boy Hewitt was the number one of the world. He was a guide for all the team whe we played in a Davis Cup. He was a leader, he gave us a extra point,” said ‘Bernie’.

Tomic’s rival for his debut on this first edition of the Los Cabos Open will be the winner of the match between Dusan Lajovic and Thiago Monteiro. Some months a go, Tomic lost against Dominic Thiem Acapulco’s final, but he expects to have a different result in Los Cabos by winning the title as he did for two years in a row in Bogota Open; tournament which place on tour was taken by Los Cabos.

“This is a new tournament, I´m really happy to be here. I hope to have an excellent week and I will like to continue with the same energy and results,” said Tomic.