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Starting from Sunday, August 5, 2018 and from 10:00 hours on Friday August 10 to 23:59 o’clock you can request your refund online by going to

You must have on hand your chip number (is printed on the back of the same) of other form will not be able to complete your request.

You must provide the following information to process your refund.Your full name, the number of interbank CLABE (18 digits), name of Bank and cell phone number and Email for any questions that may arise.

Remember to enter your information correctly, MexTenis shall not be responsible for information that is still uploaded incorrectly.

The dispersion of funds for refunds may take up to 10 business days.We appreciate your patience and understanding!

You will be refunded the full amount that you conservabas in your the SPEI cost less $15MXN Bracelet (for example, if 100MXN were in your wrist, to reimburse total was 85MXN)

Cashless replaces cash and card payment. Remember that it will be your only form of payment at the Abierto de Tenis Mifel presentado por Cinemex!

With the Cashless bracelet, your experience in the ATC 2018 will be easier since you can consume food and drinks inside the tournament facilities.

Do not forget to recharge your wristband in the Cashless modules that we will have installed around our complex.

it work?


Log in to the website and register


Get your QR code and present it at the event


Display the QR code, receive your bracelet and recharge


Enjoys the ATC2019

Avoid waiting in line!


Cashless will be the only way to consume food and beverages during ATC2019. All you have to do is carry money into it.

Take care to carry cash or cards throughout the ATC2019 (provided you charge enough for your consumption).

If you have a balance at the end of the event, do not worry, request your refund in any cashless module in the ATC2019 or Online, at the set times.


What is a Cashless bracelet?

It’s your e-wallet for Abierto de Tenis Mifel presentado por Cinemex. This bracelet carries an NFC chip that stores data. It’ll help you buy food, drink and official merchandise products without worrying about using cash or credit cards.

How do I get my Cashless bracelet?

Find the Cashless booths at the entrance of the event.

Where can I recharge my bracelet?

Add money in the recharge centers with credit, debit or cash.

How does the Cashless system work?

Recharge, buy and enjoy. Your bracelet will allow you to buy food and drinks in the food court. Choose what you want to buy and pay your bracelet scanin your bracelet.

Which free drink will I get after scaning mi QR code when getting to the event?

Adults will get a free beer for and -18 year olds will get a bottled water.

How do I get my free beer?

When log in and pre-registering at, you will receive a QR code, scan it when arriving to the event in the fastpass booth and receive your free beer.

Can I use my Cashless to pay at any of the stablishments?

You must pay with cash at the oficial store and merkadito stands.

Can I pay for food and drinks with cash, credit or debit cards?

Only in MERKADITO and its booths.

How do I add credit to my cashless bracelet?

Visit the Cashless booths.

How can I know my balance?

Check your balance at any bar, restaurant or Cashless booth.

What happens if my bracelet runs out of money?

Recharge it at any of the cashless booths. Otherwise you won´t be able to buy anything.

What happens if there is money left on my bracelet at the end of the event?

At the end of the event, you will be able to recover what is left of your credit, visit the cashless booths on site or log into to get it back.

In what ways could my Cashless bracelet be damaged?

Do not break the chip or cut it. You can bathe, exercise, swim or do any activity with it.

Can I share my Cashless bracelet with another people?

Use your bracelet responsibly; is your money. This is your responsibility. Bracelets that have been removed, cut and or visibly damaged will not be accepted as a payment method.

What are the benefits of these Cashless bracelets?

Shorter your waiting time! Also, don’t worry about using cash or cards.

What happens if I lose my Cashless bracelet?

Treat your bracelet for what it is: Your moneyIf you lose your bracelet, you can request a new one in the Cashless booths. No confidential information is stored or shared so don’t worry.But remember, if you lose your bracelet, you will lose the money you had in the previous one.