FALLING IN LOVE WITH LOS CABOS - Abierto de Tenis Los Cabos



Chardy told the press he loved Los Cabos and that he will be back for December holidays along with his family. “I saw lots of different type of fish in the Cortes Sea.”

‘Jim’ did some aquatic activities and assured that this kind of stuff make him relaxed before the tournament starts.

Chardy said to be in love with the country due to its food and all the activities Mexico has to offer.

“I´ve played in Mexico since I was a junior and I always enjoy its wonders. It´s a lovely country,” the Frencham said.

Jeremy said to be in good form to face this first edition of Los Cabos Open.

The Frenchman enjoys the company of Mexican people. He said Mexicans make him “feel like home.”

Chardy enjoys the beach every chance he gets, so for him, going snorkeling in the Pacific was a great experience.


Santiago Girlado had lots of fun swimming in one of Playa del Amor´s coral reef.

Giraldo said to be impressed with the Cortés sea and Pacific ocean tour, specially because there are very few opportunities for tennis players to enjoy such activities, due to the lack of time and busy schedules.

 Santiago encouraged Mexican people to be proud of their tournaments, in which, there will be players with lots of experience and great tennis. 

Giraldo, said that he enjoyed the tour and now he will be focusing on training and playing great tennis in this first edition of the tournament. 

He assured he loved the aquatic activities and the company of the other guys.


The 28 year old Colombian said that destiny brought him to Los Cabos Open, so now his goal is to make this a great week and maintain the great form he showed in Praga the past few days.



Santiago told the fans that they will watch great tennis this week; and again told the fans that they should be proud to have such a big event in their homeland.