Press Regulations - Abierto de Tenis Los Cabos

Press Regulations

All representatives of the media (reporters, cameramen and photographers) who provide coverage of the tournament must carry their accreditation in a visible manner at all times.

The accreditation only grants access to the spaces and times defined by the Tournament.

It is strictly forbidden to request autographs or to take personal photographs in the designated work areas for the press.

All graphic reporters must wear a jacket with the PRENSA logo, in order to remain on the court (the jacket will be provided inside the press room).

Access to the photographers’ corridor will be done through the entrance of the stadium’s tunnel where a security personnel and the press team of the organizing committee will be. Within the stadium, photographers and cameramen can be based in the indicated area, during specific times, so that additional media members can also take their shots.

The use of drones and live broadcasts are strictly prohibited during the tournament matches and in all areas throughout the complex. If a person is caught using a drone or is identified as being responsible for transmitting live broadcasts, they will be denied accreditation and will be banned from the tournament (Television, Radio and Social Networks).

No food or drinks are allowed in the photographers’ hall. Any violation to this regulation will be up for temporary or permanent withdrawal of their accreditation.