The Top 10 Beaches in Los Cabos (Part I) - Abierto de Tenis Los Cabos

The Top 10 Beaches in Los Cabos (Part I)

Located on the tip of Baja California Sur whilst surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, Los Cabos is home to dozens of wonderful beaches that ranges from Cabo San Lucas to the Playa Hotelera to La Playita in San José del Cabo.

Some of the beaches are known for their beauty, others for their safety that will allow you to swim, surf or snorkel. If these factors were not enough, it should be noted that the beaches of Los Cabos have a lot of sun since the region has on average of 350 days of sunshine per year.

Now, we will present the first portion of the best ranked beaches of the destination that hosts the Abierto de Tenis Mifel presentado por Cinemex;


Playa Monumento is a small beach popular among surfers and the closest to Cabo San Lucas. Playa Monumento has a breaking point that can be a bit complicated which is why it is recommended for experienced surfers.


This wide strip of white sand beach is facing the Pacific Ocean and extends from the rocks in “The End of the Earth” to the base of Pedregal to the West. It also includes the beaches in front of Solmar Suites, Grand Solmar, TerraSol, Finisterra and Pedregal Resorts. The currents and waves are very strong, so it is not recommended to swim in its waters.


Playa Las Viudas, formerly known as Playa Delfines, is not among the most popular sandy beaches in the Tourist Corridor, but it is an excellent place for those looking for a bit of peace and privacy. The beach itself is quite beautiful, although a bit rocky, with excellent views of the Sea of Cortez. Located about 11km. from the main road, Playa las Viuda is a favorite of both local photographers and visitors.


Acapulquito beach is located across 28km of the main road in San José del Cabo. It is a beach of fine sand and clean, crystal clear waters. The waves are quite strong, so caution is advised for those who want to take a swim in the sea. Acapulquito is undoubtedly an ideal beach spot to practice adventure sports such as surfing.


The Costa Azul beach is considered the best beach in Los Cabos to surf at. It is located about 2km south of the San José del Cabo hotel zone. Most surfers visit this beach during the summer, where the waves are incredibly high. This beach also offers all kinds of services and facilities that will make the beach visit a pleasant and comfortable experience.